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Summer Camp-2017 Canada

ABC Dragons ESL Schools

2017 Canadian Summer Camp

From July 28th to August 11th, ABC Dragons will conduct its first full Summer Camp. We have sent students abroad before, but it was with other institutions. And, although these institutions provided top level ESL training, we believe that a different style of English experience is needed for students who wish to improve their English skills. We believe that the student must learn that the teacher is not a person who is the fountain of all knowledge. Instead, the teacher is merely a facilitator who provides an environment which is the true impetus for growth. Learning a language shouldn't be about sweat and tears from painful exercises. Learning a language should be about the exaltation that new experiences bring. Learning a language should be a journey which at times can be maddeningly hard, but which also penetrates deep into your soul.


When you think of Canada, you might think of the world famous maple leaf that is on our flag, the national animal, the beaver or Or, the vast, empty, cold and barren lands.  While these are some of our more well known facets, there exists much more to explore in this northern country.


Vancouver is one of Canada's largest cities. It is on the west coast of Canada and it is a beautiful city with a fine mixture of nature, modernity and culture.

Stanley Park is a wonderful place to take a walk in nature. It is situated next to the main downtown area of Vancouver and offers a perfect example of how modern life can mix in with the supernatural wonder of Canada.

Downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park

30 minutes from downtown Vancouver, the true wild of nature awaits. One park that is good for children and adults is the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. It is a good place to experience some old growth forests without venturing too far from the city.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Because Vancouver is a coastal city, marine life is plentiful. One way to experience this life is to go to the world famous Vancouver aquarium. Situated between Stanley Park and the downtown sector, it is a very convenient location.

While Vancouver is full of natural and cultural places to see, make sure you bring some spare clothes because you never know when we might have a massive water fight.

Water Park


BC Ferries operates a vast system of ferries in and around the Georgia Straight. In order to get to Cortes Island, we will need to take 3 ferries. The first one is from Vancouver (Horseshoe Bay) to Nanaimo (Departure Bay).  After a drive from Nanaimo to Campbell River, the second ferry is from Campbell River to Quadra Island (Quathiaski Cove).  After crossing Quadra Island, we will take the third and final ferry from Quadra Island (Heriot Bay) to Cortes Island (Whaletown).  


Cortes Island is an isolated island where you can get a glimpse into another way of living.  The scenery is stunning and there are many opportunities to go swimming and beach walking.  We will stay at the Linnaea Farm House on Linnaea Farms which is an organic cooperative farm. You will wake up next to Gunflint Lake with an opportunity to have a morning swim.