City With A View - Sunday July 30

It is easier to go down a hill than up, but the view is from the top.
— Arnold Bennett

Canada Place

The Day's Goal

The main goal of the day is to try and find and take some pictures of nice views of the city. By now, we will have learned a couple of applications such as Adobe Spark and maybe Trover. A good deal of the education will be about learning through doing and today will be the first day where the students will need to retell their day using pictures and words.

 View Of Downtown Vancouver

View Of Downtown Vancouver


Queen Elizabeth Park is about 2km from our house (we will take the subway). The Vancouver Lookout and Canada Place are on the water about 9 km from our house. There is a subway stop near both of these locations and we can walk in between them.

Queen Elizabeth Park is a great park to walk around in and enjoy many different flowers, plants and even some art as well as very nice views of the city. There is also a conservatory near the top if we wish to pay to go in.

Down by the water, there is the Vancouver Lookout which will give us a nice bird’s eye view of downtown Vancouver and the harbor.  Canada Place is right on the harbor and is a nice building to walk around and if we are lucky, we can see the very large cruise ships that dock there (The building is meant to look like a ship).


Queen Elizabeth Park is free except for the Bloedel Conservatory which is about 40 RMB for adults and 25 RMB for children. The Vancouver Lookout is about 90 RMB for adults and 50-60 RMB for children. Canada Place is free, but we might consider taking the Fly Over Canada ride there. It is a little expensive: Adults 120 RMB and children about 90 RMB.