Monday July 31 - Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

There’s no fear when you’re having fun.
— Will Thomas

The Day's Goal

The main goal of the day is to work on the concept of a timeline. We will be using various tools to create these timelines. Today will be recorded as a timeline, but the hope is that the students can create a complete timeline of the two-week trip.  Here is an example of the timeline: Day Trip


Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is in North Vancouver, about 15 km from our house. We will take the subway to Canada Place and either take the ferry across to North Vancouver where we can take a bus or take a free shuttle bus to the park.

The park is a tourist destination, but it does offer a quick and easy view into the wonders of nature. The bridge spans the waterway that takes water from the Capilano Lake into the ocean. The park offers hiking and three main attractions: the suspension bridge, the cliff walk, and the treetop walk.


The cost of a ticket includes all the attractions in the park. The prices range from 200 RMB, for adults, to 70 RMB, for children.