August 4 - Grouse Mountain

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.
— Edmund Hillary

The Day's Goal

The main goal today is to have a picture contest. The students will try to create a series of five photos and captions that will be judged by the group on different categories. There will be awards given out for the winners of each category.


Grouse Mountain is the furthest location away from our home. As with the Capilano Bridge Park, there is a free shuttle bus leaving from Canada Place.

Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain offers many different fun activities. There are two cable car rides, a couple of grizzly bears, a bird show and a lumberjack show as well as hiking with spectacular views.


The cost of Grouse Mountain varies widely depending on what activities we wish to do. This is something we will need to discuss sooner rather than later. There are helicopter rides, paragliding among other expensive options. However, I suggest to do the Peak cable car, and view from the pod and if we really want some fun, the zip line adventure. The prices will vary from 180 RMB to 600 RMB