Thursday August 3 - UBC

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.
— Albert Einstein

The Day's Goal

The main goal today is to go and see one of Canada's best universities. The students will be required to think about what they might want to do later in life and consider how they will forge a path to that destination. Later on, they will be asked to put this to paper.


The UBC campus is about 13 km from our home. However, we will need to take the subway to Broadway Station and take the B-line bus to UBC. It shouldn't take too long. The UBC campus is very beautiful and has a wonderful view.


UBC is a campus that has a wonderful view, an abundant supply of natural surrounding, interesting architecture and a peaceful environment. It is also ranked very high in university rating polls. It would be a great place to study.


Museum of Anthropology

On the UBC campus is the Museum of Anthropology. It has many different exhibits and one that will be on display when we are there are the many forms of calligraphy throughout Asia including, of course, China's.


The cost of seeing the Museum of Anthropology is 100 RMB for adults and 85 RMB for children.