This is the portal for Time Is Space.  Time Is Space is, at its core,  merely a story.  However, draped upon the words, sentences and paragraphs are potential hooks where avenues can lead to learning, art and, with any luck, cinematic interpretations.


At present, there are 9 chapters and 3 overviews with links to the chapters in each part as well as some wonderful background videos and readings.  You will find the overviews and the chapters in the links below and in the Read section.  If you have any comments, please contact me in the contact section.  And, if you like the project please become a patron and donate some money.



Read about the exploits of Ha Pi De Cloun, Chester Field, Hugo Bones and others as they begin a journey through time and space only to find it wasn't exactly what they had thought it was.

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It was the antithesis of an oasis. It was a deserted island in the middle of rapture. It was like being Tantalus on crystal meth.
— Time Is Space