Finding Out MNPS - 1

You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven.
— Jimi Hendrix

1)  15-20 minutes

Start the class with a game.  For young kids, Big Fish Games doesn't always do such a good job.  Children don't mind repetition and in many cases, it can be very useful.  So, if they aren't tired of the ABC song and running games, by all means, continue using them.  


Using the MNPSUno, AEIOUUno, and BCDGTUno cards, play a game of the guess the word/letter. There are many possible variations of this game, but it is probably better if you take them outside to play:

A) Simply show the card to the students and have them guess the word, the letter or both

B) Choose a card and place it face down on the floor.  Say the letter and phonic sound (example: A-aah...).  If you need to point at the letter on the wall.

C) Same as above, but say the word and have them guess the letter.

D) Same as above, but now you do a mime and have them guess the word, letter or both.


Start the game from the classroom.  Tell the students that they must run to the door of the school and back to the classroom.  However a monster(the teacher) will try and catch them. They can make the monster freeze if they say the word or letter of the card that is showed to them in the classroom.  Repeat as many times as desired.


The following links are examples of ABC games that can be played with the children:

2)  15-20 minutes

Use the MNPS Cut Book PDF activity with the Cut Book Help PPT.  Slowly work your way through the book.  With each page, use the corresponding ppt slide to work on some phonics.  Also, either during or after cutting and pasting each picture, you can color the pages.  You can use this opportunity to play a color song to work on color words. 

3)  10-15 minutes

Use the MNPS Cards, the BCDGT Cards, and the AEIOU Cards to play some class and outside TPR games.  There are some examples below.

Frist, you should establish a mime with each of the letters and objects. For example, to get them to remember b-book, have them pretend to read a book.


Put four to five of the alphabet UNO cards on the table.  Have them identify the cards.  Keep the cards face up and move them around the table.  Cover one of the cards and have them guess which one it is.  You can slowly add more and more cards to the group to make it more difficult


Very similar to the previous game, but in this game, the cards are all facing down.  Show them which cards are in the group by showing them the cards and return them to their face down position.  Move the cards around very quickly and then select one card and see if they can guess which one it is.  If they can't, you can give them some clues.

4)  15-25 minutes

Now, sit down and do some bookwork.  There are two pages for the kids in the Finding Out Unit 3-1 PDF, the first is just a place marker for the game played on the Finding Out Unit 3-1 PPT.   This game is just another version of guessing the word for the letter.  Advisable to make this a money game.  The next page is a writing exercise.  The top half of the page is a chance to work on some more phonics and it is easy to follow according to the ppt.  The bottom half is a TPR and writing exercise.  Have the kids run and touch each letter as seen on the ppt.  After touching the letter/word, have them write it on their page.

5)  15-25 minutes

Now, they are probably ready for some videos and games.  Play some of the videos as shown below.  You can find them in your songs folders.  

Next, you can play some ppt games using money.

6)  15 Minutes

With the time remaining, you can play some more games such as Hide and Seek, or some of the previous TPR games played.  If they are too tired, you can play some web games or some games in the folder.

PPT Games

Web Games