Finding Out HJKQ - 1

If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.
— Frank Lane

1)  15-20 minutes

Start the class with a game.  For young kids, Big Fish Games doesn't always do such a good job.  Children don't mind repetition and in many cases, it can be very useful.  So, if they aren't tired of the ABC song and running games, by all means, continue using them.  


This is a very useful game for teaching actions, body parts etcetera.  Play the game as it is usually played by saying "Teacher says: (have them jump, walk touch their head etc)".  However, every once in a while you can make them touch one of the letters on the wall.


Have the kids stand in a circle facing in toward the center of the circle.  In the center of the circle put 5 cards on the floor.  Go through what is there.  Count 1-2-3 and shout "turn around" and the kids jump around facing out from the center of the circle.  Take one of the cards away and shout "turn around".  The kids try to guess the letter that you took away.


The following links are examples of ABC games that can be played with the children:

2)  15-20 minutes

Use the HJKQ book PDF activity with the HJKQ Book PPT.  

Whenever it is appropriate, have the students color some of the cones.  Before or during this activity, play some of the color videos in your folder.  Examples are shown below.

3)  15-20 minutes

Use the HJKQ Cards, the MNPS Cards, the BCDGT Cards, and the AEIOU Cards to play some class and outside TPR games.  There are some examples below.

Frist, you should establish a mime with each of the letters and objects. For example, to get them to remember b-book, have them pretend to read a book.


Show the students one of the cards and when they pass the ball to the next person they have to say whatever card it was you showed them.


Put one of the cards on one of the student's forehead so the other students can see what it is. Make the mime action of the word on their head so that the student can guess the word.  You could also say the letter so they will say the word or you could use the phonic sound as the clue.

4)  15-25 minutes

Now, they are probably ready for some videos and games.  Play some of the videos as shown below.  You can find them in your songs folders.  

Next, you can play some ppt games using money.

5)  15 - 20 Minutes

After some games, the kids should be ready to do some bookwork.  Use the Finding Out Unit 4 - 1 PDF and the HJKQ PPT to complete this portion of the class.  Remember, when you get to the write portion, have them run and touch each of the letters before writing, keeps the writing part less boring for them.

6)  15 Minutes

With the time remaining, you can play some more games such as Hide and Seek, or some of the previous TPR games played.  If they are too tired, you can play some web games or some games in the folder.

PPT Games

Web Games