Finding Out FLVW - 2

Never give a sword to a man who can’t dance.
— Confucius

1)  15-20 minutes

Start the class with a game.  For young kids, Big Fish Games doesn't always do such a good job.  Children don't mind repetition and in many cases, it can be very useful.  So, if they aren't tired of the ABC song and running games, by all means, continue using them.  


For this game, you will need some money or other prizes.  Have the students stand in a circle and play some sort of TPR game involving actions and using body parts.  At some point in the game shout out a letter for them to run and touch.  Finally, at various points in the activity, stop and show them the prize and make them ask: "Can I have...(prize item}".

IS IT A...?

In the classroom our outside, use some of the alphabet cards to play a game.  Hold all the cards in your hand and pick one and show the card to the students.  Next, ask them: "Is it an elephant?".  The card shouldn't be an elephant.  Have the students tell you no and then tell you what the real animal is.  You can modify this game to include parts of your body if you want to spice it up a bit.


The first two links can be used together.  Have the kids ask for a piece of paper from the front desk and have them draw a face.  You can use the paint online application to draw along with them.  The other links are PBS kids games:

2)  20-25 minutes

Use the FLVW Cones PDF to do a paste and color activity.  Paste the pictures onto the cones according to the FLVW Cones PPT.  Before or during this activity, play some of the color videos in your folder.  Examples are shown below.

3)  15-20 minutes

Use the FLVW Cards, the HJKQ Cards, the MNPS Cards, the BCDGT Cards, and the AEIOU Cards to play some class and outside TPR games.  There are some examples below.

Frist, you should establish a mime with each of the letters and objects. For example, to get them to remember b-book, have them pretend to read a book.


Go outside the classroom and have the students line up.  Choose one of the students to come out and face the other students.  Show them one of the alphabet cards and make sure they know which one it is.  Then, have them close their eyes or turn around.  Next, put give the card to one of the other students which they hide behind their back (you should have all the students do the same thing so it is more difficult to guess).  Finally, have the student look and guess who has the card.


Put some of the cards on the table and make the students remember which ones they are. Next, pretend you have ants in your pants and run outside trying to get them out (you will have to explain this to the students before you so they understand).  Before you left the room, you should have cleverly taken one of the cards.  When you return, have the student sguess which card it was.  

4)  15-25 minutes

Now, they are probably ready for some videos and games.  Play some of the videos as shown below.  You can find them in your songs folders.  

Next, you can play some ppt games using money.

5)  15 - 20 Minutes

Use the 5 Book Work PPT to complete the Finding Out unit 5-2 PDF activity.  The start of the PPT is a series of letters and corresponding words.  It is probably best if you say the letters and words along with the students to give them some confidence.

6)  15 Minutes

With the time remaining, you can play some more games such as Hide and Seek, or some of the previous TPR games played.  If they are too tired, you can play some web games or some games in the folder.

PPT Games

Web Games