Finding Out BCDGT - 2

Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble.
— Shah Rukh Khan

1)  15-20 minutes

Start the class with a game.  For young kids, Big Fish Games doesn't always do such a good job.  Children don't mind repetition and in many cases, it can be very useful.  So, if they aren't tired of the ABC song and running games, by all means, continue using them.  

However, if you need some alternative games here are some examples:

Hide And Find The Letter

Using the BCDGTUno Cards, have the students count to 10 or 20 and hide some cards around the outside of the class.  Next, tell the students they will need to find the letter (For Example) t-tiger.  Walk around with the students repeating where is t-tiger.  If they can't find it, help them by giving clues as to where it is.

Tiger Chase

Using the BCDGTUno Cards, put one card for each student in the middle of the outside floor. Tell the students that there is a tiger sleeping outside and it is their job to run and grab a card and get back into the classroom before the tiger wakes up and catches them.  When the kids have safely returned to the classroom, ask each one of them which card they have.


The following links are examples of ABC games that can be played with the children:

2)  25-30 minutes

Use the BCDGT Cut Book PDF activity with the BCDGT Cut PPT.  Slowly work your way through the book.  With each page, use the corresponding ppt slide to work on some phonics.  By now, you should have touched on the B-buh-book connection.  Many times during the a-z lessons it is important to reinforce that the letter has a phonic sound.  Don't teach it, just use it yourself in the games and in this situation using the book and the ppt.  Say the word Banana but say it like- buh, buh, banana. 

After you have cut and pasted the pictures into the book, now you can do some coloring.  Before doing the coloring, you can play some of the videos to help acquaint or reacquaint the students with some color words:

You can end this part of the lesson with a bingo game using some of the cut book words from the previous two lessons.  Use the BCDGT Bingo PPT to play.

3)  15-20 minutes

Use the BCDGT Cards and the AEIOU Cards to play some class and outside TPR games.  There are some examples below.

Frist, you should establish a mime with each of the letters and objects. For example, to get them to remember b-book, have them pretend to read a book.


Use the Finding Out 1 to 2 PPT for cues.  First, have the students guess what the word is and then they must go out to the outside teacher and ask "Can I have (name of the picture on the ppt)"  Then they can come back and show you the card.  You can have the students each go out individually or as a group.  You can go through the ppt more than once if you feel it is useful.  


Take a chair out to the outside room and put it in the middle of the room.  Call a student and show them a card.  First, make them tell you what the card is.  Next, tell them to put it on or under the chair.  You may have to show more than a few times what is on and what is under.  Go through all the cards.  Now, call a student and tell them to find a card and bring it back to you .

4)  10-20 minutes

They should be tired and ready for a sit-down session.  Play some of the letter videos as seen below:

After watching some videos, you can play a couple of the treasure games.  Use the BCDGT Treasure Game and Unit2 Treasure Game PPTs

Now, you can watch some turn the card over videos and then play some PPT games that are similar in nature

5)  10-20 minutes

Now, it is possible to do another cutting and pasting activity.  Use the Cones Class PPT to help with the five prime words (Book, Cat, Dog, Gorilla, Tiger) from the Cones PDF.  The other cones can be done with the Cones Home PPT if you have time, but it is suggested that you send these home with the parents.

6)  10 Minutes

With the time remaining, you can play some more games such as Hide and Seek, or some of the previous TPR games played.  If they are too tired, you can play some web games or some games in the folder.

PPT Games

Web Games