The Elusive Child

All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.
— Albert Einstein

I love Albert.  It isn't due to his great ideas, though they are truly great.  No, it is because, at his core, he remained a child throughout his life.  Picasso felt you needed to keep the child alive in order to become an artist.  I believe that this is true for really great scientists.  They must keep that child inside them that is incessantly wondering why for them to have great vision.  Here is to those who still have the child within them.  Feed the monster for it is truly who you are.

Your illusions are a part of you like your bones and flesh and memory.
— William Faulkner

And how are we to separate our illusions from our bones, flesh and memory? Are illusions just reality emanating from the ephemeral world of matter and energy, or is reality an illusion? The deeper I look into the black hole of science, the weirder the world gets. Illusions move closer to the world of reality, and reality shuffles over to the border of illusion. Sometimes, it is just better to stare into the fire and have another drink after a good, long walk on the beach.