One And The Same

If you follow opposites to their extremes, you will find that they are the same thing
— Rupert Mckenna - Time Is Space

For some reason, everything in our lives is described in opposites.  Night and day, black and white, male and female, right and wrong...even our political parties represent the opposites of left and right.  I can't help but think that we frame the world this way, not because that is reality , but that is how we see reality.  I know it isn't that simple, but I still can't keep thinking that our incessant analyzation is fruitful for economic production but is killing the patient, our dear mother Earth.


There is nothing so stable as change.
— Bob Dylan

In fact, it is probably the only thing that is stable. Nothing remains the same except our persistent denial. This will never change and it is the thing that will ensure a great that we may not be quite so happy with.

As a remedy to life in society I would suggest the big city. Nowadays, it is the only desert within our means.
— Albert Camus

I have always found that cities have an eerie quality about them, especially late at night into the early morning. Cities, even during peak hours, have the peculiar ability to seem devoid of intelligent life. When the automatons are in their cement cubicles shut down and waiting for production time, the city is like a dreamy mirage. Here, at Shenzhen's Civic Center, this was only magnified as the area was still under construction and had no inhabitants. This is natural in China. Within a year or two, it will be filled with worker units and have the faint sense of being an important place to be.