East vs West 18

What is art? Prostitution.
— Charles Baudelaire

What is politics? Prostitution.

What is life? Prostitution.

What are prostitutes? Honest.

In a world that is so blatantly emblematic of Janus, the two faced god, I only have respect for prostitutes, slaves, indentured labour and the working poor. The clay from which the gods created humanity is home to the salt of the Earth and it is where we need to return. We need to sully the constant diarrhoea of high minded morality spewing from the mouths of the political elites. They cover the walls of our civil ghettoes with a profound sort of mass media graffiti which, while technically beautiful, is poisoning our minds.


The President of the USA sides with sexual predators and murderers. The pundits on TV and social media fill the air with a modulating whine. America is the land of self-promotion, sugar high capitalism, and a putrefying morality that resembles the scum found on the floor of an overused public bathroom. In this environment, one is hard pressed to find anything other than clinical depression. Yes, the land of the brave. What a crock of shit.