East vs West 22

At rest, however, in the middle of everything is the sun.
— Nicolaus Copernicus

Fact check:

1) The sun is not at rest. It is a thermonuclear fusion reactor that produces enough power in one hour to power roughly 2,880 trillion light bulbs.

2) The sun is not in the middle of everything. It is the middle of our solar system and in a sense, human society. However, in regards to the galaxy, much less the universe, the sun is far from being the centre of everything.


At present, I am hearing a Republican senator trying to spin the fact that President Trump is stoking the fires of hate throughout the US and the world.

Fact check:

Donald Trump is a volcano of hate. He is a narcissistic nihilist, misogynist, nationalist which is a code word for white supremacist, and serial liar. Anyone who enables him is either uneducated, wilfully ignorant, or obsequious GOP reptiles living on the radioactive waste spilling from the bowels of “Baby Don”. Trump has become the Earth’s new sun, an illusory inferno which could end up being a supernova. I can’t wait for the fireworks.