East vs West - 3

Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.
— Jim Rohn

I have many Chinese students who, because I teach them one to one and have forged a relationship, tell me a great deal about their personal life. One of the things I have learned is that Middle School and University students spend time, during grade 7, 10 and their freshman year in university, training in the military.

Personally, I would hate it and don't ascribe to its practice. However, as an observer of political economy and nation states, I must admit that it is an incredible benefit. China has a vibrance to it and it owes this in part to the level of discipline that exists throughout its society.

On the contrary, in the US, there is a malaise that runs deep within its core. It is rotting from the inside out. Everywhere, you here the cry of how great America is, an affirmation without any discipline. It is a profound self-delusion and it is about to bite us all squarely on the ass.


The need for discipline, a common belief, or common cause is an imperative when controlling a social structure.  In order to design a strong social system, the self must become subject to the whole.  The self must become like the whole, lose a piece of its identity, so as to retain a piece of the material gain that the whole can provide.  It has always been so, and the delusion that in the west, the US being a shining example, there is greater access to the self is a grand illusion.