East vs West 10

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.
— Noam Chomsky

Well Noam, I beg to differ. Ideas are quite often a muddy brown and they don't sleep at all. In fact, they toss and turn throughout the night wondering why they can be colorless, grammatically correct, and nonsensical. I try to tell them not to worry. Nonsensical is often a more pleasurable way to be.


Noam, of course, was trying to show that a seemingly nonsensical, but grammatically correct sentence could be constructed using the prevailing grammar models of the time. However, I find sense in his sentence. Not a logical sense, but a sense. It would fit naturally in an Arthur Rimbaud poem, or a James Joyce stream of consciousness. I could see a child hearing it and laughing. And I, like a child, find it highly entertaining, but I am one who finds solace in the world of nonsense. I am one who thinks an anarchic form of government is more attuned to our true spirits. I am one who believes in the model of the Zapatistas, an autonomous ruling system. That, of course, is truly nonsensical.