East vs West 13

I see great things in baseball. It’s our game - the American game.
— Walt Whitman

America’s game isn’t baseball. America’s game is propaganda masquerading as democracy, as freedom. I have always viewed the parody called “The Great Experiment” as a poorly written episode from a bad TV show. The audience, “the American people” who are asleep at the wheel, watch the characters perform the same old song and dance of “will to power” while the machinery of the American Empire works at real world political economics. Lately, the show has turned into a bizarre reality TV show which detracts from the silent coup d’état playing behind the scenes. The President, a portly Homer Simpson character, is a foil used by wealthy GOP donors to gain neoconservative goals. So far, they are winning in a landslide.


You can not find your self in a democracy. In a democracy you are covered with sticky residue emitted from the politician’s sea of lies and the stench rising from the dying carcass of a pretentious constitution. In a democracy you are not allowed to forget about the government, the national anthem, or the pale glow of the flag - you are fed historical revisionism, a reverberation of school time memories, a battleground fought among teachers and students. In a democracy, the cultural waters are always at high tide, covering your soul and drowning your will. The self is lost in this tropical storm. It is lost and probably spending time in the bleacher seats cheering for another home town hero.