East vs West 15

Prejudices are what fools use for reason.
— Voltaire

This may be true, but these prejudices, when held by the neoconservatives in America, are being used as hammers to close the lid on the coffin for democracy. The left, led by a well off group of whimpering politicians, is trapped inside, prisoners of their own civility. A revolution was needed to end the rule of kings. Perhaps there is a need for another, to usher in the era of socialism.


Does power corrupt absolutely? Yes, it just depends to what degree. We are born psychopathic in that we are only interested in ourselves. Depending on your culture, environment, and upbringing, a level of compassion is taught. This is a very simple paradigm of society and does not include massive levels of complexity. However, within this paradigm, our search for power most likely drives us back towards that initial point of being psychopathic, a state where the self is all that matters. The difference is that in the beginning we are selfish without prejudices, a state of naiveté. Later in our lives, we become selfish, armed with prejudices which we believe to be the basis of reason.