East vs West - 6

I don’t think it’s possible to touch people’s imagination today by aesthetic means.
— J. G. Ballard

I have always preferred back alleys, back doors, grey concrete, and weathered stone in regards to cities. The shiny glass, marbled floors and grandiose architectural lines that pose for magazine and post card pictures are what people are meant to see. Those beautiful visages are for advertisements and tourist guide books. This, however, is where the truth hides, going about its daily business of the slow but perpetual erosion of hardened matter..


Decay is always a factor in regards to social paradigms.  This includes, of course, the governing system.  As we watch the great American experiment follow the same path as the Roman Republic, I have thought long and hard as to the whether or not it is an organic thing that can't be avoided.  President Trump isn't the wind or the water that erodes the structures, he is the dust that falls off the support beams, much like the foul stench of senators and congressmen that infest the halls of government.  The force that is carving off chunks from congressional halls  are the people of the nation.  The greed and avarice of its population is what eats at the constitution of the USA.  It is doomed as all empires are.  The main question that remains is what will be the result for the rest of us.