Day 4- Capilano Bridge

Have no fear of perfection - you’ll never reach it.
— Salvador Dali

Long Lines

Today was a day where we encountered the long lines of a tourist trap.  Despite the long lineups, today was a good day.  The sun was out and the views were splendid.  Furthermore, there were some nice high places which gave us an added boost of excitement.



We saw a bit of Native American cultural history


The Bridge

The swinging bridge made us feel a bit anxious


Calming Pools

On the other side, we had a chance to rest by the pools


Tree Top Walk

The tree top walk had us walking among the trees


Cliff Walk

This walk definitely left you feeling exposed

File 2017-08-20, 11 44 54 AM.jpeg

Once again,  I was taught a great deal today.  All I have to do is to observe the actions of the students.  They tell me what I should do in order to help expedite their development.  They know and I must discover.