Day 2 - Canada Place

Man is not made for defeat
— Ernest Hemingway

Tourism Is An Industry

My fear when I first planned this trip was that tourist attractions would look good on a brochure but terrible in reality.  In English, we sometimes call these areas tourist traps. The place is made to look interesting in order to attract many people.  Then, when they are in the trap, they take away as much cash as they can.  I am sorry to say, I fell for it.

Gift Shop Exit

Gift Shop Exit

Children are marvellous creatures.  And the students on this trip confirmed this fact.  They have taught me more than I have taught them.  And, I thank them for that. 

The greatest gift a child can give us is to remind us about the importance of honesty.  They are brutally honest when they don't like something and that is a good thing.  We, the adult world, must become better listeners because they have important things to tell us.  They told me that tourist traps are better left alone.  They told me that water parks and beaches are a better idea.

Life is a gift and we shouldn't waste it.  Hard work and responsibility are very important things but if you aren't having fun, what is the point?  Yes, children can teach us many things.