Waiting For Goat

We should turn resolutely towards Nature.
— Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot

This is a Trover photo post from yet another project I am working on.  This is just 5 minutes from my apartment which is more or less like the buildings in the background.  This used to be a quaint village where the goats would be slaughtered for the restaurant and meat which is sold out front.  Now...

The project won't be as good as Waiting For Godot, but it will be a tragicomedy.  It is a nonfiction story, after all, and the subject matter is about humanity.

A tragicomedy not unlike humanity, Waiting for Godot takes only two acts to complete. Humanity's version, which is much longer, is still playing...probably, not for much longer.

Trover Photo Post

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