Along The Coast Of Infinity

We are time’s subjects, and time bids be gone.
— William Shakespeare

It starts as a whisper, music that is almost inaudible.  Like a snake it glides into the realm we have built.  A dark energy that permeates our world of light filling in the blank stares crowding the street.  We wish and then we die and all the while, the sound of silence buries time in a solemn field filled with poets and drunkards who were born too soon.


Parsonsquarry Bay

Parsonsquarry Bay

On the many roads of our storied past lay the ruins of well-intentioned dreams. Time, with its perpetual force, pounds the matter back to whence it began, disemboweling history and spilling the remains into the eternal river. I suppose, it is our responsibility to continue this seemingly futile task of making sand castles along the coast of infinity.

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