East and West - East 1

The beautiful uncut hair of graves.
— Walt Whitman

There is something different about the East. It isn't anything too drastic. After all, humans are, in a strictly scientific sense, essentially the same things.- 99.9 % similar. But we live in a bubble, a bubble of our own choosing. Human consciousness constantly gazes into its own belly button mirror transfixed with our self perception of greatness. In this hypnotic trance, one can see many differences. In this small minded way of seeing things, minute distinguishing marks can be perceived as large insurmountable gaps, allowing for a fertile field where the plants of love and hate flourish. They bloom in this tiny universe. The flowers of love turn their heads toward things that are akin, while the flowers of hate brandish their anger toward things that are not quite the same. In this manner of thinking, I see differences between The West and The East, although I am still not quite clear what they exactly are.

Looking for answers in a field of cognitive dissonance

I am writing this just after the US 2018 midterms, and the day Donald Trump fired Jeff Sessions and appointed his hatchet-man, Matthew Whitaker as acting Attorney General. It is fair to ask what relationship Donald Trump, the US midterms, and the Mueller investigation have with the East and the West. It is a fair question, but I don’t have a fair answer. I have never been very fond of answers. They are almost always wrong. However, the investigation resulting from the questions always bring back ever more interesting questions. Donald Trump, the US midterms, Jeff Sessions, Matthew Whitaker, and the Mueller investigation happen to be some of these interesting questions.